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Try Our Unexpectedly Awesome PJ Fresh Pizza

PJ Fresh Pepperoni Pizza with Fresh tomatoes

Quality Pizza at an Affordable Price

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    Hand-braided Crust

    At Pilot Flying J, our "Unexpectedly Awesome” pizza starts with a superior crust. Every day, we braid our dough on-site by hand. (Yes, by hand!)

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    100 Percent Mozzarella Cheese

    Real, pizzeria-quality pizza should include real cheese, right? We think so too. That’s why all PJ Fresh Pizzas are made with 100 percent, real mozzarella cheese.

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    Premium Toppings

    Whether you prefer classic toppings or uncharted flavor territories, our PJ Fresh Pizzas feature a variety of quality ingredients and limited-edition flavors so that there’s something for every pizza lover.

We Bet You Didn't Know...

That our pizzas are made start to finish from scratch using hand-braided dough, fresh ingredients and 100% mozzarella. Still don't believe us? Watch our deli team member assemble a delicious pepperoni pizza.

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