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Restaurants & Facilities

Breakfast/Soup Bar
Hot Food and Pizza


8 Bulk DEF Lane(s)
Bulk Propane
CAT Scale
Certified Scale
Check Cashing
8 Diesel Lane(s)
Drivers Lounge
Fed Ex Box
Game Room
Hot Deli
Money Orders
158 Parking Spaces
Public Laundry
RV Card Discount
3 RV Dump Station
2 RV Fuel Lanes
RV Parking
RVCard Accepted In Store
Reserved Parking Space(s)
9 Shower(s)
Soup/Breakfast Bar
Tractor Trailer Accessible
Transflo Express
Trip Pak
Western Union
Wireless Internet

Flying J

Store Number: 603

Address: 2190 Ross Clark Circle
Dothan, AL US 36301

Interstate: Ross Clark Hwy/Hwy 231

Phone: (334) 792-5152

Fax: (334) 792-5293

Coordinates: 31.192, -85.4

Fuel Prices at this Location

Unleaded: $2.059

Mid Grade: $2.299

Super: $2.549

Diesel: $2.399

Intended Bio Blend: B20

Prices are not guaranteed. Other restrictions and details apply. Blend percentages are intended.
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